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Day 1

The plane ride and my first day in Vienna

I had an incredible last day in the United States with my mom. After seeing Stomp, going to the top of Willis Tower, and eating way too much American food I was ready to get on the plane towards a new adventure. This was my first experience flying with Austrian Airlines and I definitely recommend them! I’ve never been so well taken care of on a flight. I didn’t have to pay to check my luggage and all snacks, food, and drinks (including alcohol) on board were free.
My flight left at 4:10 Central time and landed in Vienna at 8:30 in the morning. If I would have slept on the flight it would have been a great option. Vienna in 7 hours ahead of home so when we landed it was only one in the morning. At two this afternoon I broke down and took an hour nap to keep myself sane this afternoon. When we got to the dorm I’ll be living in for the rest of the semester we began to get settled in. Unfortunately we realized one big problem as soon as we got here-no wifi. Luckily there was wifi at the airport when we landed and I was able to send a quick text home to say I made it safely, but I haven’t been able to contact anyone outside of our program yet. 
Before the flight I was able to meet a couple of the people going on the trip. It is definitely interesting to see who all knows each other already. The majority of the group is made up of business students who already know one another. There are only four of us in the German program and we are definitely at an advantage with our knowledge of the language. I was very nervous before I arrived that my German wouldn’t be good enough to communicate with locals once I got here. I’ve been in Austria for half a day and already used my German a lot. I’m sleeping in another girl’s room tonight because my room isn’t open yet, and her roommate is from Mongolia and doesn’t speak English. It’s been really neat to be able to translate between the two of them as well as talk to a few other people. The locals so far have been surprised when they see that I can speak German.
For lunch today I ventured out with another girl in the German program to see what we could find. We ended up at a bakery and I was able to get a croissant and a latte to eat outside on a bench in a little industrialized park outside of our dorm. I’m definitely already getting a feel for the culture and can tell that I’m really going to love it here.
Dinner brought me to a restaurant called Centimeter. I definitely enjoyed my authentic dinner of Wienerschnitzel and my fist Austrian beer, Ottakringer! Being one of four German speakers in a group of over twenty definitely made dinner interesting. The concept of only rounding up to the dollar to tip here was one that the rest of the students on the trip had trouble wrapping their heads around. All in all, my first day in Austria was definitely a great one! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip holds.
Tomorrow is the start of the ski week! Apparently our ski instructor ties the worst student up in a leash to help him/her to ski down the hill. I would put money down that I’ll be the student in the leash-pictures to come ;)

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